Our Vision for Springfield


Revealing Christ - Reconciling People - Renewing Our City


Springfield is a city like many others across the nation: In it, you can find pockets of prosperity and poverty, love and violence, diversity and segregation. But like any city, it is also filled with beautiful people in the eyes of God.


At The City Church we are trying to see our city the way God sees it and then pursue it the way that God would pursue it. This means that we are all about restoration and renewal: Bringing life by killing death. Killing death? Yes, killing death! 


Death means separation and humanity is faced with all kinds of separation - Spiritual, psychological, social, and physical. To bring life and kill death we plan to bring people back to God, bring people back to each other, restore purpose and meaning within individuals, and do everything we can to ease the physical pain we all go through. 


When Christ came to earth this was His plan. He said that the world was condemned already: Facing death. But rather than let humanity stay in that death He left the comfort, joy, and praises of heaven to come to the sin-filled, death-bound, God-denying world on a mission of restoration. Can we do any less?


This is why we have purchased and renovated the property you see above. Our building was once a night club & bar. It was a place for people to gather in an effort to escape the realities of decay and death, whether at large or in personal life. Now it stands as a place to gather and grow closer to the ultimate reality of God's presence where true life and fulfillment are found!