Life deserves to be lived in community

We believe that everything we have we've received from God - even life itself.  And as such, it is only right to share what we've been given. That's why we have purposed to live in community, believing that sharing life brings blessings and growth in every way.


Gospel Communities are the primary means by which we see us fulfilling our mission of Revealing Christ, Reconciling People, and Renewing Our City. Gospel Communities are small groups of people that meet bi-weekly at various locations throughout the region to eat together, study together, pray together, serve together, and grow together. We see community as one of the primary ways in which we can ‘disciple’ people, or help them grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. We also see community as the primary avenue for meeting the needs of our neighbors and one another. Our Gospel Communities are designed to be about living together through fellowship, hospitality, service, and partnership.

Fellowship - As we gather together as believers in Christ to pursue the welfare of others in the community of Christ.

Service - As we open our calendars and wallets to personally help those in our community with tangible and felt needs.

Hospitality - As we open our doors to those who don’t yet know Christ but who are wanting to learn more about Him in a different format than church worship.

Partnership - As we come along side our city in an effort to accomplish common goals such as beautification.

Gospel Community Groups

Below you will find information about our many groups.



Where: McKnight Neighborhood, Springfield

When: Tuesdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Anthony & Nichelle


Where: Enfield, CT

When: Mondays @ 6pm

Leaders: Jason & Amanda Mission


Where: Southampton

When: Tuesdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Austin & Trisha Rogers

Where: Longmeadow

When: Tuesdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Jeremy & Penny Dugan


Where: Sixteen Acres, Springfield

When: Wednesdays @ 5pm

Leaders: Josh & Cassandra Sprague

Where: Agawam

When: Tuesdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Matt & Stephanie Caron


Where: East Forest Park, Springfield

When: Thursdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Jon & Jenn Duff

Where: The City Church

When: Wednesdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Matt & Jasmine Derderian


Where: West Springfield

When: Thursdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Pat & Karen Kappenman

Where: Somers, CT

When: Thursdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Jeremy & Alanna Walker


Where: Haydenville, Williamstown

When: Thursdays @ 6pm

Leaders: Jeremy & Joanna Pheasant


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